Custom Printed Multi-color Washi Tape

Short Description:

Multi color washi tape, for DIY purpose,it can be tear by hand,no scissors required.

Product Detail


Using washi paper as carrier and coating with pressure sensitive adhesive.



Good initial adhesion, middle adhesive strength, good holding power, excellent pliability and suitable for most smooth surface,curved surface and corner, no residue.


Washi tape usually with different colors and different patterns, so it is widely use for decoration and DIY purpose.

1,Can be used for home decoration, such as vases decoration , as a photo frame, and as wallpaper.

2,It can be used as a bookmark for a notebook or use it to make a personal journal.

3,It can also be used as the sealing tape for small parcels.

4,You can write on the washi tape, so you can use it to mark things.


Technical Parameters

Item No.

Applicable Temperature





Initial Tack

(#steel ball)

Peel Strength


Holding Power(Hrs)

Tensile Strength




7288 130℃ Water Based









7688 130℃ Solvent







7988 130℃ Solvent







Product Details Display

About our company

Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group founded in March 1986, is the leading adhesive tape supplier in China.

1,Our company have 33 years experience on BOPP/ Double sided/ Masking/ Duct/ Washi tapes.

2,We can offer most reasonable price and excellent quality.

3,We have high quality control in production process, we have the certification of ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 14001

4,We can help you to custom the product. We have professional research & development team.

5,We can offer good after-sale service to help you solve the problems.

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