General Purpose Masking Nature Rubber Adhesive Tape

Short Description:

General purpose masking tape widely use for painting, sealing,  home-decoration projects. Tape is flexible,offers excellent protection against paint bleed-through when painting around moulding, switches, sockets, skirting boards and glass. Remove easily by hand, leaves no sticky residue behind. Sticks to a variety of clean and dry surfaces.

We are the manufacturer, can supply the masking tape in jumbo rolls.

Product Detail



General purpose masking tape is using crepe paper as carrier and coated with pressure sensitive adhesives.


Adhesive: Nature rubber

Thickness: 130mic-170mic

Tensile Strength (N/25mm): ≥42

Elongation at break: 10-16

Color:  White, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow

Item No.:363A,355M,363M,363H,355MB.363MB

Product Sizes:

(1) Jumbo roll width: 1270mm(usable:1250mm),1250mm(usable:1220mm),1020mm(usable:990mm )

(2)  Cut size:As per customer requirements


Strong adhesion, good flexibility, good weather resistance, no residue left ,good covering and protective ability.


Masking tape is suitable for home decoration,in-door paint masking, light-duty packaging,car repair, shoe material production, electronic industry protection,bundling and tabbing. Practical for construction, home, office or industrial applications. It is widely applied in coverage for color separation when making indoor and outdoor painting.

Technical Parameters

Constructure: surface activator/ crepe paper/ solvent rubber adhesive
Item Unit Data Test Standard
Total thickness μm 155±10 GB/T  7125-1999
Initial tack (Ball test) Ball No. ≥ 8 GB/T  4852-2002
180°peel adhesion(to stainless steel) N/25mm ≥ 6.5 GB/T  2792-1998
Holding power (to stainless steel) Hrs. ≥ 3 GB/T  4851-1998
Tensile strength N/25mm ≥ 50 GB/T  7753-1987
Elongation at break % ≥14 GB/T  7753-1987
Temperature resistance  60-70 °C


In-door paint masking, Light duty packaging, bundling, holding, splicing & Tabbing, and other non-critical applications where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed.

Color: Natural white, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow
Product Sizes:

(1) Jumbo roll size:

(2) Cut size:


1250mm(usable:1220mm)×1800m, 1020mm(usable:990mm ) x 1800m

As per customer requirements

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About our company

Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group founded in March 1986, is the leading adhesive tape supplier in China.

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