PVC Warning Tape

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Marking tape (warning tape) is a PVC film-based tape, coated with a rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive

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Warning tape is waterproof, moisture-proof, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and anti-static. It is suitable for the protection of underground pipelines such as air ducts, water pipes, and oil pipelines against corrosion. Twill-printed tape can be used for warning signs on floors, columns, buildings, traffic, and other areas. Anti-static warning tape can be used for floor area warnings, packing box sealing warnings, product packaging warnings, etc. Color: yellow, black letters, Chinese and English warning slogans, adhesive for oil-based extra high viscosity rubber glue, anti-static warning tape surface resistance 107-109 ohms.
1.strong adhesion, can be used for ordinary cement ground
2.Simple to operate compared to ground-scratching paint
3.It can be used not only on the ordinary ground, but also on the wooden floor, tile, marble, wall, and machine (while ground scribing paint can only be used on the ordinary ground)
4.Paint cannot be used to create a two-color line
Specification: 4.8 cm wide, 25 m long, 1.2 m2 in total; 0.15 mm thick.


To be used on floors, walls, and machines as a prohibition, warning, reminder, and emphasis.

Marking tape

When used for zoning, it is called marking tape; when used as a warning, it is called warning tape. But in reality, they are both the same thing. When used for zoning, there are no standards or conventions for what colors are used to mark areas, but green, yellow, blue, and white are all commonly used. Here, we recommend that a distinction be made between marking tape and warning tape. White, yellow, and green are used as delineators; red, red and white, green, and white, and yellow and black are used as warnings.

When used as a warning, red means forbidden and prevented; red and white stripes mean that people are forbidden to enter a dangerous environment; yellow and black stripes mean that people are warned to pay special attention; green and white stripes mean that people are warned more visibly.

Used to mark warning areas, divide hazard warnings, label classifications, etc.
Available in black, yellow, or red and white stripes. The surface layer is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand high foot traffic.
Good adhesion, some corrosion and acid and alkali resistance, anti-abrasion.

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